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商売繁盛・学業成就の新春祈願。Visit Chionji temple for praying thriving business and academic achievement.



Jan. 10
Aoi Maatsuri

お伊勢さまのふるさと、元伊勢籠神社の祭礼。Aoi Matsuri is an annual Festival of Motoise Kono Shrine which is a former enshrined place of Ise Grand Shrine to pray for peace.

April 24

江戸時代から続く宮津最大のお祭り。神輿をかつぐ男衆の熱い闘志は必見。The biggest Matsuri Festival in Miyazu. You can't miss finding the energetic cheering of the male participants and the dynamic mikoshi procession!

May 13-15

天橋立をスタート・フィニッシュ地点として、丹後・丹波地域をぐるりと一周するサイクリングイベント。/A cycling event starts from Amanohashidate. You can run around Tango and Tanba area with enjoying much local attractions.

June 2


Waterfront stage and fireworks event that reproduced the legend of dragons transmitted to Amanohashidate.

July 24

天橋立の松並木と砂浜をライトアップします。幻想的な空間は、お散歩に最適。Pine tree path and beach of Amanohashidate are decorated by many lights on summer nights. You can enjoy walking through  fantastic illuminated Amanohashidate.

​Middle July to End of August
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天橋立に期間限定でオープンするお洒落で美味しいBAR、Les Pins(リパン)。/Only 2 nights dream... Cozy summer beach with stylish atmosphere and yam food.

Last Weekend of August

精霊船と約1万個の紅白の追っ掛け燈籠が海面を漂い、約3,000発の打上げ花火も見ごたえ十分。/Scores straw boats,10,000 red and white lanterns float on the surface of the sea, and about 3,000 fireworks are worth seeing.

August 16

約1万個のペットボトル燈籠や和傘燈籠、竹燈籠などで寺院をライトアップする市民協働のまち歩きイベント。/Lantern Festival working with local people. 10000

lanterns illuminate every streets and temples in Miyazu.

2nd weekend of October

天橋立で、きものショーや野点、着物オークションなど着物の産地ならではのイベントはいかが?/Kimono show, outdoor tea ceremony, Kimono auction and so on.

3rd weekend of October

西国28番札所成相寺を期間限定でライトアップ。紅葉から五重塔が浮かび上がる姿は圧巻。/Amazing illuminating event at Nariaiji temple which is well known as a place of pilgrimage. 

2nd weekend of November