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​京都 宮津湾・伊根湾 Kyoto Miyazu Bay - Ine Bay








人々の心を掴む ”何か” が、きっとある。

"Kyoto by the Sea" area is located in Northern part of Kyoto Prefecture.   In this area, you can feel an aura of divinity in Miyazu Bay and Ine Bay.

Amanohashidate, one of Japan's three most famous scenic views, was glanced as a "must-go-place" for pilgrims during their lifetime from ancient times.

The beauty of the scenery of Amanohashidate which had inspired many great painters like Sesshu, Hiroshige Utagawa, Gakyo Shimada, and so on to draw their masterpieces, still remained laying calmly in front of us for hundred of years. 

The boathouses in Ine are designated as a Preservation Districts for Group of Historic Buildings, is also referred to as the "Venice of Japan" for the resemblance which closely related to the sea.  Enjoy the good old atmosphere of country side of Japan here in Ine with the expressive scenery of Japan Sea throughout the four seasons.

True to the birth of the country legend of Izanagi who gave birth to the many islands of Japan, and many other mysteries like "Urashima Taro" and "dragon legend" have surrounded in this area.

You must touch something to win the hearts of the people.

天橋立 飛龍観(ビューランドより)
天橋立 炎の架け橋
伊根湾 もんどり
伊根湾 漁具
伊根湾 かもめ
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